8 or so bees in my bonnet (recrea33) wrote in british_ducks,
8 or so bees in my bonnet

let's nuke it from space, just to be sure.

dear israel,

you know i love you like a brother, but i have to say
i think you're making a serious and tragic mistake.

you say your war on gaza will create peace.
but i haven't seen any of those.

i have a serious difference
with your military stratagists;

lalala, get the girl and kill the baddies:
actually it doesn't work.
we generally kill people who stand in our way.

you can't bomb an ideal into submission,
and the more you try the longer you prolong the dispute.
i know you're desperate to 'get some' before
barak is inaugarated.
but you set back any peace deal
with your gung ho DRAMATIC BOMBING.

if i was some 24 year old gazan medical professional.
how would i see it?
how would my friends see it?

btw. if you want to stop random rockets,
block the tunnels.
it's really not rocket science. hahaha.
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